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How do we teach?
All lessons last 60 minutes and are based on the communicative approach, we focus on the development of communication skills.
We prepare a detailed plan for each class that includes exercises that will allow you to achieve your goals, no matter what they are: reinforcing your achievements at school, preparation for a trip, self-development at work or in your business.
Each class is personalized, the content depends on the needs and preferences of each student.
Our teachers will listen to you and answer your questions in real time.
Our lessons are designed
to help you communicate in English

Choose your schedule
The lessons take place on Skype / Zoom / Google Meet which gives you the greatest freedom
The most efficient way to learn with professional teachers and focus on conversation
What lessons do we offer?
We offer three types of lessons:
Conversation lesson (60min)
Conversation classes are dedicated to the development of conversation skills, you will speak in English throughout the class and you will lose the fear of speaking.
Price: 18 EUR
General course (60min)
Lessons dedicated to the development of all aspects of the language: conversation, grammar, listening and writing. In these lessons we apply the communicative method, that is, during lessons we focus on conversation and listening, while grammar is worked out of class, although always with the support of the teacher.
Price: 20 EUR
English for kids (60min)
Do you need classes for your kids? Our classes are designed for kids 6+.Our teachers will teach them to speak. Your kids will speak the whole lesson, make progress at school and have fun.
Price: 20 EUR
Individual tutoring (60min)
Do you want to work on a particular topic? Do you want to review the pasts or articles, prepare for an interview or an exam? This is the class you are looking for.
Price: 25 EUR
The simplest way to learn
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Enjoy your lesson
To summarize:

They are all specialized in teaching English and have more than 5 years of experience. Pedagogy is a requirement.
Individual lessons
Individual lessons through videoconference with direct communication and in real time. It's the fastest way to achieve your goals.
60 minutes

It's the duration of the class. During this time, you will have interaction with a teacher who will listen, give you corrections and advice so that you can speak better English.
The goals

You set the goals. From preparing for a shopping trip, reinforcing your knowledge to reading the great classics in English. From now on your goals will be ours.
Who do we teach?
Everyone who needs or wants to learn English. There is no age limit, and our experience covers students ranging from 5 to 70 years old.
How much do classes cost?
Conversation class: 18 USD
General course: 20 USD
Individual tutoring: 25 USD
I don't want to commit myself and buy a lot of classes. Can I buy just one class?
Of course. Our system is completely transparent. You can buy 1, 2, 3 or any other number of classes.
Is it necessary to have prior knowledge?
No! We can teach English to people who have never had contact with the language and we have also prepared students to obtain certifications.
What is a trial class? How long does it last?
It's a 30-45 minute lesson, completely free. In the trial lesson we will concentrate on analyzing your level, talking about your objectives and getting to know each other.
What materials do we use?
In lessons we exclusively use materials recommended by British and American Universities for teaching English as a foreign language.
We do not only speak English, we know how to teach English.
We'll watch videos and listen to podcasts on topics relevant to you to keep you motivated and make learning fun.
But beware! After each class we will give you homework: an article to read, an audio to listen to and some exercises, since learning English requires a little effort on your part.
How is the reservation and payment process?
You contact us, we choose the your schedule, we send you the data for the transfer or you can use the PayPal payment option on our web page. Done!
Where are the teachers from?
Most of our teachers are Europeans currently living in Europe (France, Ireland, Poland, Belarus) and do not speak Korean (you will never speak Korean in your English class again).

The best professionals will help you to learn in the most efficient way.
Meet some representatives of our team
We are all teachers specialized in teaching English as a foreign language.
We all share the same passion for teaching English and sharing our knowledge.
We will all do our best to get you to communicate in English as soon as possible.
Founder and teacher
I'm a teacher and I'm passionate about my work. I have been teaching for more than 5 years, I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with students. I pay particular attention to the development of 4 language skills: speaking skills, reading skills, listening skills and written expression, which allows the student to obtain good results. Since I have a specific education and a lot of experience, I know how to determine what difficulties may appear during the learning process.


I provide tailor-made lessons of English for all levels and for people with different needs. You are planning to go on vacation? Or maybe you are going to pass an interview in English? Or you finally find time to remember what you learnt at school? I'm here for you! I plan lessons in advance according to your interests. I use different video and audio materials, and grammar reference books as well so students can immerse fully in the language and gain confidence to speak.
I'm supportive and attentive to the needs of students. I encourage them to do their best, not to be afraid to make a mistake and strive to speak using new words and phrases. I'm looking forward to having a lesson with you.

WE Language School
Hello! My name is Nelvia and I've been teaching English since 2013. My background as a teacher goes from kids, teenagers and adults so whatever your aim is with the language (job interviews, traveling, English certificate tests, you name it) I am here for you.
Lessons will be student oriented, that means you set your goals and we practice until they are fully achieved. Don't be afraid to take this journey, within the class you'll be welcomed and encouraged to obtain successful results while developing your listening, speaking, writing and reading skills in a friendly way. I hope to work with you soon!

Nelvia English teacher
Why should you choose us?
Every day we work to improve teaching methods with a personalized approach and develop the best materials for our students.
Before starting your lessons, you present your goals to the teacher who develops a program for you. You pay for the classes carried out.
Individual classes
It's the most effective way to learn. You have the teacher's full attention and you take advantage of the whole class to talk. 60 minutes of conversation in English!
Custom materials
We prepare a personalized plan for each lesson that contains all the materials that we will use in the class.
Comments of our students:
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